Sunday, October 2, 2011

It is getting cold outside

Almost a month has passed since my last post.  In that months time, I finished recycling a motor home, gave away my daughter in marriage and started getting ready for winter both in the garage and outside in the yard.  In our neck of the woods, it can snow in October, but is certain to snow in November.   The temperatures drop into the 20's and sometimes into the teens, making it more difficult to get around to make the metal pick ups and to distribute the paper rolls that are donated to me on a weekly basis.

I  work throughout the year with The Center for the Homeless, Hope Ministries and families that are food insecure and hungry.  The cold and snow have more devastating effects on those that have housing, transportation and food challenges.   When I come home from work, the furnace is working hard to keep me and my family warm and the refrigerator is working equally hard to keep our food cold.  In other words, I am blessed in ways that 20% of the Michiana population are not.  Poverty does not take a holiday or even a day off and for that reason, I continue to look for new customers that have metal of any size or weight.

Last month one of our neighbors sold their house and in the process of moving, came across an old pool cover that would not be needed by the new owners.  I have trouble saying no to a donation, so I drug it across the street and looked for an opportunity to give it to someone that could put it to good use.  That opportunity presented itself today in a big way.   Storms have passed through our neighborhood, blowing over trees, flooding creeks and ripping off gutters.   One of our neighbors has seen three trees uprooted in the past 9 months and because he burns for heat in the winter has all of the wood cut and split.  When I stopped by to offer him the pool cover, he ended up offering me an opportunity to stop by his business to look at scrap metal he is considering donating.  He also showed me a bike that needed a new seat and a new set of brake cables, so I offered him a bike that had been given to me that he could use for spare parts. 

Later that day, I was mowing the lawn when 3 other neighbors brought by some metal for me to recycle.

Earlier in the post I mentioned that our daughter got married recently.  The cottage where we stayed had a full trailer load of gas grills, broken tables and chairs, etc. that they donated.  There is another smaller load to be picked up.

I am on target to meeting my annual goal of feeding 100 families, clothing 200 children and education 400 students with money made from the metal that I recycle and the paper that I distribute.

If you are in the Michiana area and would like to make a metal donation or set up a paper exchange clothing drive, or have me speak to your group; please let me know.

I will try not to stay away as long next time.




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