Saturday, July 23, 2011

My first "do you take" from previous blogs

I am excited!  Tomorrow I am going to look at some scrap metal that a blogger from White Pigeon is willing to donate.  I need to look at the size of the job to assess how long it will take and what equipment is needed so that I can schedule the time to do the job efficiently and safe.

The supermarket customer that has been donating to me going on 4 years now has 21 stores and this week 3 of them called to request pick up of various metal items.   I am thankful that the store managers are thinking of me when they have scrap metal.  In the fall when it is time to buy Thanksgiving turkey certificates, I buy them from the same supermarket.  It seems to be working real well for everybody.

My wife and I went to grab a bite to eat and I ran into the person that gave me my first opportunity to serve.  About 6 years ago, I offered to organize and produce a bike rodeo for the children's ministry at our church.  Helmet fitting, rules of the road, bike inspection kind of stuff.  I felt right at home getting volunteers, asking businesses to donate door prizes and seeing all of the kids learn safe biking tips.

This week, I offered to set up another bike rodeo for the school corporation that my three children attend (ed) for next spring as part of a three program package.  The other two parts are a presentation to parents of newly licensed (teenage) drivers.  Eight teenagers die a day, over 3,000 a year from automobile accidents.  I taught drivers education for 10 years and have now helped my children through "the rite of passage", so it is time to share what I have learned and try to help other parents become more involved in keeping their teen drivers safe.

I am looking for blogger number 2 who has scrap metal that they want to donate, so that I can continue to feed, clothe and educate children in the Michiana area.

Please become a follower and tell others about what Donation Station is doing to assist people that are in need of assistance.


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