Saturday, August 6, 2011

My supermarket customer

There is more than one way for a supermarket to feed a hungry child.  The local supermarket that donates metal of all kinds to me, just came up big.  I have been making free pick ups at the area stores on a daily basis since last Wednesday.   There are 21 stores in the chain, and I finished up this afternoon with a pick up in Plymouth.  In the last 10 days I have been from Elkhart to St. Joe Michigan and all over South Bend and Mishawaka, even went to Napannee last night to collect a donation from that store.

Other than a couple of trailers that a local company donated to me in 2008, this is the single biggest donation that I have received since I started in 2006.

The Eco Fest booth that I set up last month has paid off as well.  I received a call from a church that wants me to fund raise for their prison ministry for women.  They promote the fund raiser and call me with details for a pick up.  Once the pick up is made and cashed out, the money goes to their ministry.  I am doing that for my son's band booster club and just offered to do the same for the food pantry at our church.

At the end of this month, the first "On a Roll - Paper Exchange clothing drive will be held at a local day care.  In exchange for gently used children's clothing, the parents of the day care will receive a free roll of white paper for use at home.  I receive 60 rolls a week from a local printer and it dawned on me about 2 months ago that it could be put to good use this way.  Another area day care is having a food drive and another is having a school supply drive and when the schools reopen, I am going to introduce the program to them as a service learning opportunity.

These opportunities to serve others less fortunate helps me appreciate my blessings and keeps me from sitting around making a big deal about trivial things going on in my life.

If any of the programs that I offer are appealing to you or if you would like to hire me to speak at your next meeting, please do not hesitate to let me know.


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